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Class Category: Intermediate / Advanced

Supple Spine and Shoulders Advanced

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Working your spine and shoulders, opening your chest and stretching your upper body are all great to improve your torso mobility and strength while releasing tension and stiffness from that area.

Suitable for: Advanced practicioners and active yogis.

Effects: Working on our spine also helps to regulate and balance our nervous system, improving mood.

Core Focus

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Suitable for: Students who like strong poses and a challenge.

Effects: A strong core will improve our posture and will release any pain from your back and lower back.

Quads and Hamstrings

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Suitable for: Active students and those who are runners or like a dynamic practice.

Effects: A dynamic practice where you will feel the muscles on your legs working, along with your whole body. Great for strengthening the lower body and mental grounding.

Advanced Flow

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Suitable for: Advanced Practicioners.

Effects: Keeps you energised and focused.


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Suitable For: Improvers, Intermediate & Advanced practitioners.

Effects: Develops strength, balance, stamina whilst detoxifying and uplifting.

Dynamic Flow

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We include lots of warming vinyasas with a focus on the connection between breath and movement.

Suitable for: Those who like to flow through the signature series.

Effects: increasing strength and flexibility preparing for the peak poses

Strong & Slow

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Suitable for: Perfect for students who wish to practice precise alignment and are ready to explore the asana at a deeper and conscious level. Loved by Beginnings 2 students who are ready to challenge themselves and by intermediate and advanced enthusiasts for alignment awareness to support the more dynamic paced sequence of our flow class.

Effects: This class will help your alignment and build strength and integrity on and off the mat.