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10 Days To Discover A New You

You know how to change your life, you just sometimes need the help to understand the answers already inside you.

Meditation helps you to unlock your potential and step into who you truly are. It allows you to see the world through new eyes and gain a new perspective on yourself. 

Join Maeve for these short 20-25 minute sessions available in the video library on the Himalaya Yoga Valley app and see the benefits of a daily meditation practice after just 10 days. Share your journey and discoveries with other yogis on our members’ hub

Meditation helps you to believe in yourself and your self-worth and when combined with journaling it can transform your life. Make sure that you complete the journal prompts immediately after each day’s meditation to further help you put this practice into action.

Before each practice, find a quiet space and sit comfortably. If your body is not comfortable, your brain can’t relax, so find a space that suits you, as everybody is different. Read our blog how meditation can improve your life for meditation tips for beginners.

Finding yourself

Day 1 

Meditation on So Hum – Journey to ‘I am’ 

This Meditation will take you back to the ultimate source of your being – ‘I AM’

Day 2

Meditation on Self Belief

This meditation focuses on self-belief. You will gradually see yourself replacing your self-doubt with self-belief.

Day 3

Heart Meditation 

Meditating on Heart Centre can bring you joy, compassion, peace and forgiveness.

Day 4

Meditation on Gratitude

This is a meditation to bring you into a space of gratitude. Gratefulness to the present moment brings peace of mind, staying in a mind-space where there are no complaints. All we feel in this meditation is gratitude for what we have.

Day 5

Mindfulness of Breath Meditation 

A mindful meditation and mantra that focuses on breathing and being in the moment.

Day 6

Meditation and Pranayama – Peace and Calm

A short Bhramari Pranayama followed by a Guided Meditation to bring Peace & Calm to your being.

Finding your connection to the world around you

Day 7

Connecting you with Earth Element

A short session of Pranayama followed by Meditation focusing on our connection with Earth Element.

Day 8

Silent Meditation 

This Silent Meditation mainly focuses on watching your mind, managing your thoughts while being silent and looking within. Here Maeve also uses the singing bowl to bring your mind back to the present if distracted.

Day 9 

Connect with the Divine Within

We all have divinity within us, and this guided Meditation will help you touch the divinity within you.

Finding your connection to those around you

Day 10

Meditation on Compassion for Self and Others

Here Maeve guides you to the space of compassion for yourself and others.

After your 10-day meditation journey:

  • Work to build meditation into your daily life
  • Be consistent
  • Find a quiet space and make this your meditation spot

Journal Prompts

Journalling is a great way to set your intentions before your meditation and discover what you learned about yourself afterwards. Here are some prompts that you can write about on your journey:

  • What affirmation resonated with you the most during class, and why?
  • Before your practice, free write 3 pages, letting your mind clear itself before settling into your meditation. Do you have the same thought patterns? Has anything received clarity or enlightenment?
  • In past times, many people believed there were four elements
    • Air represented communication, intellect, and inspiration.
    • Fire represented passion, energy, courage, and freedom.
    • Water represented intuition, healing, cleansing, and love.
    • Earth represented stability, abundance, and staying grounded.

Write about the element that you think is most symbolic of your nature, and why…and/or write about the element that you need most in your life right now, and why.

  • Write a meditation for all the things you’re grateful for now…and then write one for the good things that haven’t happened yet, but you know are coming your way
  • What thoughts occurred during your meditation today?
    • How did this differ from other days?
    • What do you wish for the world?
    • What do you wish for yourself?

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