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Our Traditions
About Himalaya Yoga Valley

Yoga from the source

For more than a decade we have been bringing the ancient practice of yoga to people around the world. Our tradition is steeped in a rich history reaching back to the Himalayan tradition and our roots run deep to the birthplace of yoga, India, where our school was born in 2005.

We share yoga as it has been shared for thousands of years, with a focus on therapeutics and comprehensive benefits. We have an incredible team of global teachers sharing our traditions and methods.

Our tradition reaches far and wide through modern technology and our passion for authentic, accessible, and affordable yoga drives us to give service through yoga, to a diverse range of global yoga practitioners.

We have been training yoga teachers, students, and seekers in Europe and Asia since 2005 and our teachings are shared from the heart with our core value at the center of all that we do.

Our Core Values

We share yoga as it is, and as it was, from its birthplace – serving others for a greater good through a timeless and complete practice that reaches back thousands of years to its origins in India.

Our mission is to share indigenous yoga, accessible to everybody, from its original source, with the knowledge that this ancient science offers us healing and betterment that is perfect for today’s world. We are deeply committed to sharing yoga that enriches the inner self and improves wellbeing on all levels – not just the physical.

We believe in self-empowerment and yoga as a way for people to light up their own path, and with deep gratitude, we always remember the teachers before us who lit up ours. At Himalaya Yoga Valley our passion is sharing yoga that originates in India with people around the world and helping people of all backgrounds improve their lives through yoga

Himalaya Yoga Valley has a wide range of classes throughout the day that would suit most people. They have made authentic yoga affordable to myself and others with this Online Studio. Thank you!


Their primary concern has always been for us, the students. Our safety and well-being far outweighed any business needs, and for this I am truly grateful, and for a very reasonable price I now have unlimited access to online classes, and a wide range of recorded classes.


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