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February Workshops


Check out the latest offerings from our online yoga studio this February!

STRETCH TO THE EAST & WEST A journey to Hanumanasana Workshop with Lisa – 48h access

It can be fun to have a goal and with Hanumanasana (splits) as our peak pose for this workshop we will embark on a journey of hip openers that include forward bends and backbends. In the true essence of Yoga, it is the practice, not the peak pose, that is important and where our focus will be. It is the journey that holds the magic. This Asana workshop will also include Pranayama and Meditation.

A challenging class that is open to all levels of flexibility and experience. Props not necessary but options with and without will be given.

Note: The recording of this class will be shared with everyone booked, with 48h availability

February 20th




Spine Divine Workshop with Viriam and Adam – 48h Access

We will share a practice to explore the inner architecture of the spine and the fluidity of our fascia. Our aim is to make a strong, stable and resilient spine – an enlivened spine. In our lecture, we will look at the biomechanics of the spine – understanding movement and structural patterns including a look at the evolution of the spine and spinal development in the womb. The spine is an amazing self-supporting structure – the only thing that restricts it is muscular tension. Every movement is a dance of energy – so we will look at the energetic flow of flexion and extension, contraction and expansion, movement and stillness. Keys to creating a fluid spine Releasing the PSOAS – By restoring fluidity to the pelvis and lumbars we will let go of tension at the core to allow for more flexibility and fluid movement, this fluidity will also release emotional holding patterns. If we can come back to a place of neutrality within the PSOAS and core – we can build resilience which not only will improve core strength but will help prevent spinal injuries and postural issues. Conscious twists – By tuning into our spinal architecture we can learn to twist safely – as some areas of the spine lend themselves more to rotation while some areas are more focused on stability. Twists move the spine like no other movement – Compression wrings out the spine which results in lengthening and a deeper sense of spaciousness – so we learn to inhabit our spine in a different way. We will look at the energetic flow of twisting – contraction and expansion – creating a deeper awareness subtle energy – awareness of the sushumna. Holding your head high – Learning to lift through our core through the crown of the head creates physical and energetic space within the upper back and neck. We want to feel as if our head is floating on our neck and shoulders. We need to learn to prevent hyperextension of the neck (the damaging issue of modern technology) – which can lead to the entire spine collapsing compromising our breath, our posture and our energy. At a deeper energetic level, it is then possible to raise our awareness through the energetic spine or sushumna – creating an inner alignment.

Adam and Viriam are part of the Himalaya Yoga Valley Teacher Training team – Adam is a yoga teacher, body mechanic and anatomy teacher – he shares his passion of both functional and emotional anatomy. Viriam shares philosophy and her yoga and meditations are a way of listening to our body-mind dynamic and starting a deeper conversation.

You will need: Bolster (or one pillow and one large towel) I’ll share a video beforehand to make your own bolster Two blocks (or large books – but blocks very useful) Blanket

Note: The recording of this workshop will be shared with 48h availability.

February 27th