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Hip Opening And Dance of Prana
With Deepika Mehta

About the Workshop

Join Deepika Mehta-a yogi at the forefront of Yoga, fitness and wellness in India since 2001- for two very special workshops on June 27th and 28th

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Hip Opening



Dance Of Prana


How our Online Workshops work

Our Online workshops are hosted through Zoom and the link is sent to your email before the class, with everything you need to know to prepare! This course will be available for 48 hours for students to catch up and review the lessons learned.

Hip Opening Workshop with Deepika Mehta

Hip opening techniques are what will allow you to improve your overall flexibility. This workshop will be a guided practice, focusing on the physical and energetic aspects associated with the patterns of the Hip.

Deepika will take you through passive and active techniques from Yoga as well as other forms of movement to open up the hips and also to work towards learning the technique for more advanced leg-behind-the-head poses when you are ready, avoiding all knee injuries.

27th June

9am – 11am

Dance of Prana

In this Class, Deepika will guide you to find the freedom in the Spine and Pelvis creating a Wave-like fluidity and opening in the body through Vinyasa Yoga, opening up the latent energy which is blocked in the body by rigid movement and further this flow will be enhanced by the use of Serpentine-like movements inspired by oriental Dance

The combination of the two practices naturally frees up the energy of the body. The asanas which have opened up the body and the dance which helps to connect to that same energy. This is followed by a dynamic meditation to release all mental, emotional and physical blocks, bringing about a natural sense of euphoria

28th June

9am – 11am

Meet Deepika Mehta

Deepika Mehta is a Level 2 Authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher and a new mom to her baby Devi Tara who is 10 months old.

She has been on the forefront of Yoga,fitness and wellness in India since 2001.

Deepika is known for her motivational and inspirational style of teaching, believing that anyone can achieve what they want if they put their mind to it.
She has had several television shows of her own like Yoga City on NDTV Good Times, Tata, Sky Active Fit, Biggest Loser.
She has been featured in various publications in India including Vogue, India Today and Elle Magazine, and has featured on the cover of India Today. She was awarded the Yoga Expert of the year by Vogue India in 2018. She has taught and trained some of India’s top celebrities and actors including Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone. She has given a Ted talk at the Un Headquaters in NYC. Because Deepika used Yoga to heal herself from an accident she had several years ago, she believes deeply in the power of the healing process of the practice.
Deepika loves to incorporate dance and various other forms of movement and healing practices into her teaching mix.